Albertosaurus Facts

  • Albertosaurus_bw.GIFa relative to the Tyrannosaurus Rex

  • a little bit small than the T. Rex and lived a couple million years earlier

  • walked on 2 legs and had a larger head with sharp, saw-toothed teeth

  • had 2 fingers on each hand on short arms

  • the long tail helped provide its balance and a quick turn

  • it had powerful back legs with claws and 3 toes on each foot

  • about 30 feet long

  • 11 feet tall at the hips

  • weighed up to 3 tons ( 1 ton= 2,000 lbs.)

  • the lower jaw had 14 to 16 teeth

  • the upper jaw had 17 to 19 teeth

  • lived in the Cretaceous period about 76-74 million years ago

  • was a carnivore (ate meat) and probably ate plant eating dinosaurs

  • this dinosaur traveled in herds/packs

  • walked on two muscular legs

  • very short arms

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Albertosaurus Skeleton