ALLOSAURAUS the name means " different dinosaur." was the biggest land living carnivor. it was named different dinosaur because it had a different vertibrae. it had a big skull. had a lot in common with birds nowdays. in utah there were over 40 skeletons found of this dinosaur The allosaraus died out 5 million years before the dinosaurs in the quarry lived. the dinosaurs were about 18.5 ft long and weighed about 1,350. one fossil was found in 1990 during a survey in the morrison formation. it took 3 years to excavate it, 2 years to prepare it and another 3 years to study it. they wasted all that time because it was and unusually significant, so they had to be very careful

allosauraus head

what allosauraus would have looked .like

most complete allosauraus