• The allosaurs is a family of medium sized carniovors, wich means it eats other dinosaurs.
  • They lived during the late jurassic and early cretaceous age, 140-150 million years ago.
  • The name of allosaurs means diffrent lizzard.
  • The length of the allosaurs is about 40 ft. long, 12m long, 10 ft. tall 3m. at hip, 12m is the tallest they get.
  • The wieght of the allosaurs is about 4.5 tons.
  • Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Oklihoma, S. Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming, Those places i jusst listed off are the fossils have been found and where they lived, the main countrys are North America, Europ, Africa and Australia.
  • Over 60 fosslils have been found, the first complete fossil was found by a rancher in the year 1883 in colorado U.S.A.
  • The Allosaurs was a top preditor with a huge head, sharp and serrated teeth, short arms and three fingered hands.
  • They had sharp claws that were up to 6 in. long (15 cm.).
  • Their main diet was on sauropods.
  • They hunted in groups and even ambushed the largest sauropods.
  • The allosaurs was named in the year of 1877.
  • Their teeth were around 3in. long.